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Art supplies FAQs

I am a starving artist and I want to find cheap supplies. Do you have any tips?

It can be hard for some artists who love to paint, but do not feel like they have the cash flow to do so. A couple of ways to save money on supplies however, might include checking Web sites like craigslist that include other artists seeking to sell some of their supplies. The other way is to use alternatives to traditional canvasses. Items like sanded slabs of wood or even plain old paper might work for you if you cannot afford a nice canvas.

Can I mix my own paint?

Sure you can. But if you want it done very well, you may want to have it done professionally. One of the problems that some of those who mix their own paint have is that they need to do a lot of experimenting before they find the right mix. Of course, if you already know the right mix, then it can be a much easier process.

How can I learn a different language?

Language arts sometimes are not considered by artists to be an art, but the fact is that some people are simply more talented than others at speaking – English or any other language. Because most DVD-ROMs include a lot of interactive activities, most people are better off using these than they are using books or CDS.

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