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Even though it is true that some people are simply born with a natural talent to create art, thankfully there are art books for the rest of us. These books can be immensely helpful in allowing people to come to a greater understanding of the kind of art they want to create.

These books exist for a wide variety of people. Some of the people who might be interested in art books include:

• Novices – If you are simply wanting to learn a little bit about art, even though you don’t have many skills, there are books for you. The books for novices will usually include the most simple instructions on how to create the most simple art.

These books are good for those people who have no discernable art skills, but want to be able to draw at least a little bit. Maybe it is for an art class they need to take at school, or it possibly could be to draw things on the whiteboard during a presentation. The art instruction included in these books is often 2-D and rarely gets into things like shading or perception.

• Mid-level –Those people who might need some art skills for a particular job or duty might be more interested in the mid-level art books. These books are designed for those people who have shown some type of natural ability and who may need to do some drawing of conceptual plans for work. These drawings may not need to be the final draft, but they do need to be good enough to give co-workers and customers a decent idea of what is being drawn. The mid-level art books are able to help a semi-talented artist improve him or herself a little bit.

• Experts – Although the perception is that you are either a great artist or you are not, the fact is that almost all of the “natural-born” artists have done a number of things to improve the quality of their art. One of the most important things they do is study and read art books. There are advanced books that cover some of the nuances that are too sophisticated for novices or mid-level artists, but important for expert artists to know.

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