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Art markers

Although it is simple to find art markers, there are enough different types of them to make it difficult to understand which kind of marker is best to use.

Some of the choices in the type of art marker you use include:

• Washable or not washable – Before giving art markers to children, it is important to make sure that the markers specifically say that they are washable. Most professional artists, however, choose to use non-washable markers. They tend to be a little more bright and vibrant.

• Tip sizes differ – Most makers of art markers create the markers in different sizes. For example, some of the markers have wide tips, while others have thin tips. Some of the most diverse markers have dual tips that allow you to make either broad or thin lines. The lines made depend on the position on which you are holding the marker.

• Know the difference between art markers and others – All markers are not created equally. Although some markers are designed specifically to be used for drawing and creating art, there are others that are designed to be used on dry erase boards. Do not mix the two. It can be a pain to try to remove marks from art markers on a dry erase board.

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