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Art materials

Even though most art materials come with safety warnings, they can mostly be summed up in three words – “Do not eat.” Although most people do not need a lot of extra instruction on how to deal with these materials, here are a few tips just in case:

• Do not eat – Enough said. It’s gross and dangerous.

• Wash your hands – Depending on what type of paint you are using, washing your hands can be an absolute necessity. While there are a lot of non-toxic paints, there are also quite a few that are harmful if ingested.

• Not feeling great? Ventilate – Ventilation is important when you are using art materials like solvents. Be sure to pay attention to the warning instructions on spray varnish and spray paint. Obviously getting paint in your lungs is not a good idea, so a little ventilation can go a long way.

• Keep off of skin – For some kinds of art materials, you may want to wear gloves before you handle them. They could prove to be mildly irritating or create rashes or allergic reactions.

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