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Language arts

If you hope to be able to teach your young children some form of language arts, this can be easily done by simply doing a few things that are simple, but important to do.

• One of the first things you can and should do is hold your baby often. Find excuses to hold him, not reasons to lie him down. This will make the baby more apt to listen to you as you speak.

• Talk to your baby – Although a little bit of baby talk is fine, do not overdo it. You could get in the habit of talking like a baby to your baby and soon after find out that it is hard to get out of the habit as the baby grows. You can still speak small simple words, but avoid too much nonsense.

• Sing songs – Although the baby does not make mental note of what happens when songs are sung to him or her, there is something that sticks in their subconscious that introduces them to rhyming patterns when songs are sung. This is another way that language arts (like poetry) can become easier for your child to learn later down the road.

• Read to your child for at least 3-5 minute intervals when you sit down to read. The language arts abilities of the child can be sharpened if you will point at the pictures in the book as you read to him or her.

It doesn’t take a huge amount of time to introduce language arts to your newborn – just a little bit of effort and love.

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