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Art pencils

Pastel art pencils are not used by a lot of people, but those who use them say their art has more of a finished feel than it would if they would have used pastel chalk. The pastel pencils are also considered to be cleaner.

Some of the things to consider when buying pastel art pencils are:

• Type – Some of the manufacturers of art pencils will sell oil-based as well as plain pencils. The oil based pencils can sometimes be better to use I you are hoping to create more of a smudged look on the art.

• Test – You may be so excited to get your pastel art pencils that you just cannot wait to use them. However, before you use these pencils on that piece of art you have already spent hours on, take some time to use these art pencils on a blank slate. Test out different methods to see how the pencil reacts to different strokes.

Regardless of whether you use pastel art pencils or if you use typical pencils, the important thing is that you feel comfortable with the medium before you decide to use it.

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